Liesbeth Lisibeti Peroti performing
a transcription (by Robby Faverey) of  a solo guitar composition Danza Caracteristica by Léo Brouwer and a traditional ritual song of Suriname – Maisa (goddess of the earth)

Vibration of Strings (2005)

Robby Faverey – Brasilian mandolin, Guitar and Percussion
Nelson Latif – Guitar and Cavaquinho
Satyakam Mokamsing – Indian violin
Singiprisiri ’96 – Mix vocal ensemble

Gitarra Bizarra

Some highlights of a Special Concert in de Kleine Zaal Concertgebouw Amsterdam in 1984
Gitarra Bizarra an idea of Sieuwert Verster. The guitar in combination with other instruments

Robby Faverey (guitar)
Julian B. Coco (guitar)
Jaap van Zweden (violin)
Machiko Takahashi (flute)
Donna Hyry Agrell( bassoon) and
Rien de Reede (flute)

Registered by VPRO Television in 1984


Stedman Creole Bania visited by Robby Faverey and Ronald Snijders

On december 12, 2012 the musicians Ronald Snijders and Robby Faverey visited the oldest kept banjo on the Americas: The Stedman Creole Bania. It was brought from Suriname to the Netherlands in the 1770s by John Gabriel Stedman. It is kept in the depot in ‘sGravezande of the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde (Leiden) from the Netherlands.