Gobaniasen 5 strings

I named it Gobaniasen 5 strings, this selfmade instrument fusion of Shamisen ( 3 string Japanese banjo). I made a Shamisen and afterwards adding two strings like on a gourd banjo. Now I am able to pluck the strings with my right hand . Bania recalling the Stedman Bania


Livia Faverey sings Pecado Mortal

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI1xjb771To]

Livia Faverey sings Pecado Mortal, a song by Doris Aghian.


I know that your love is forbidden that to love is to be a mortal sin and nothing between us is permitted and in the shadows is where we adore each other.

Want me, the same way as I want you and look at me, with fire in your eyes of anticipation.

Take me, I am only yours and no one else’s.

Feel me, the way that I feel you.

Look for me, with ardent desire that burns and kiss me that our lips bleed when we kiss.

Swear to me, even though the world may judge me, even though everyone accuses me, you will pardon me.